Jennifer Lopez Tweets #AllLivesMatter To Promote Her New Song…

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What was Jennifer Lopez thinking?!

On Tuesday, the superstar singer tweeted out something pretty ill-advised during such a turbulent time.

Fortunately for her, she had enough sense to nearly immediately delete the tweet… unfortunately screenshots are a thing and the Internet is forever…

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Jenny from the block shared a post in an effort to promote her new single Love Make The World Go Round, on which she collaborated with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

She was also likely trying to find solidarity with both the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the victims of the Orlando nightclub attacks… but she didn’t do a very good job with either one.

Here’s a screenshot version of her very quickly-deleted tweet (below):

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What are you, J.Lo, the former governor of Arkansas???

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Knowing her, we’re sure she meant well and was trying to lend support to a few different groups of people who are going through a very difficult time all at once, but considering #AllLivesMatter is being used as a way to silence #BlackLivesMatter, that was NOT the correct way to get the message across.

At least she had the sense to delete!!

[Image via Twitter.]

Jul 12, 2016 4:22pm PDT

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