Watch Kim Kardashian Expertly Dodge A Little Kid’s Questions About How She Got Famous!

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Now this is hard hitting journalism.

On Monday, Kim Kardashian West participated in a round of quick fire questions where her friend’s young son asked the 35-year-old beauty how exactly she got famous.

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In the first round documented on Snapchat, the boy eased into it:

“Why are you on magazines?”

To which the latest cover star of Forbes responded:

“Why am I? I dunno, because I like magazines.”

Um, hello, Kim? And??

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The kiddo continued:

“Are you famous?”

Kanye West‘s wife dodged:

“Am I famous? I don’t like to use that term.”

And finally, and maybe most importantly, the lil guy asked what we’ve all been wondering:

“How are you famous?”

Hesitant to get into the details of her career-igniting sex tape with Ray J — not to mention the wealth and fame from being Robert Kardashian‘s daughter/Paris Hilton‘s side kick — Kimmy said:

“How am I famous? That’s up for question too.”

Meanwhile, the person filming (Allison Statter, perhaps??) shouted:

“She’s got a big booty!”

Finally, some truth telling! LOLz!

We think this kid has a promising future in investigative reporting, if you ask us!

Jul 12, 2016 10:05am PDT

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