High Stakes On The Bachelorette! JoJo Sends Two Men Home From Argentina — And Learns About Serious Rodgers Family Drama!

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We are really getting down to it on The Bachelorette!

JoJo Fletcher took the remaining six guys into the Argentinian countryside last night, and eliminated two of them — so, yes, we are already down to hometown visits next week.

But it’s how we got there that has everybody talking…

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Instead of a typical schedule, this week had three one-on-one dates in the Argentinian country, and only one group, and no roses were up for grabs on the one-on-ones — just on the group date. Yeah, we know, the ol’ switcheroo. But the guys handled it… pretty well… and JoJo handled it flawlessly!

The love-seeking lady picked out Alex for her first one-on-one date, taking him to learn how to be a gaucho — as JoJo put it, a traditional Argentinian cultural role that’s halfway between a cowboy and a farmer.

They friend-zoned each other on their car ride to the farm, which was supes awkward, and then discussed trees — yes, trees — as they walked up to their destination, so it was clear Alex was a little awkward.

But he did OK, all in all, and he gave us this priceless horse-spooning TV moment (below):

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Truth be told, it was actually pretty cute — and the horse was super receptive — but as it turned out, that was the highlight of a date that went downhill really fast.

It all started while Alex and JoJo were together later that night after their gaucho experience, and he dropped the L-bomb on her. Yes, that L-bomb.

Worst of all, he didn’t do it super convincingly; it seemed like he was desperate to stick around, knowing he was on the fringe (he’d never gotten a one-on-one date before, after all). JoJo wasn’t feeling it, and just straight up sent him home right there!! Oops!!

The goodbye was super drawn out, and Alex was totally peeved — he couldn’t even look her in the eye throughout — but that was that, Alex was gone, and the shortest remaining contestant was sent off for a plane ride back home.


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Back to the frontrunners, JoJo’s next one-on-one came in the form of Jordan Rodgers, who has arguably been leading the pack the entire season. They went to a vineyard, crushed grapes, drank wine, you know, typical date stuff. Ha!!!

But the key points came when Jordan opened up about his brother, NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, revealing that the two have a very bad relationship and that Aaron isn’t close with… most of the family?! (What he said was incredibly vague but didn’t sound good — which makes us SO excited for next week’s hometown visit.)

JoJo feigned ignorance about which brother Jordan meant — like, girl, come on, you know who Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn are — but in the end she listened intently, took on his family drama, and the two had a grand ol’ time.

Oh, and Jordan dropped the L-bomb, too. That’s two-love, for those of you keeping score at home.

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Things got weird at the group date with Chase, James, and Robby, and because of inclement weather (it was pouring rain), their outdoor plans got canceled (boo!), and the four holed up in a big hotel suite and had a totally-not-weird group slumber party.

The party included JoJo daring Robby to sneak up and down the halls wearing only his underwear, as well as James stuffing his face full of about 750 french fries — the combination of which sounds like a 10-year-old boy’s dream date.

But there was drama, too, and out of nowhere, James — who had been so damn cool up until this point in the show — decided he was going to start telling weird lies about Robby looking at other girls.

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Wait, what?? James T., the cool James T., the James T. that plays the guitar?! Why you do this???

It made Robby look… weird… in the moment, and JoJo kind of bought it, it seemed, but it really just made James come off looking SUPER petty. NOT here for that!!!

Turns out it didn’t matter, though. When it came time for the rose from the group date, JoJo handed it to Robby… and James looked like he was going to punch a wall.

Don’t put out bad karma in the world, then, James!!

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Things wrapped with a one-on-one the next day with Luke, another frontrunner, and the pair rode around on horses at a local ranch before taking in some skeet shooting together.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, they look pretty good together, it might come down to Jordan v. Luke, battle to the death. (OK, maybe not that extreme! Ha!!!)

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As for the final rose ceremony, JoJo straight up canceled the cocktail party, which flipped James and Chase into panic mode, since they wouldn’t get a last minute opportunity to win her heart.

Going straight into the ceremony, JoJo twisted the knife hard and quick: James, you are the weakest link. Goodbye!!!

James cried. JoJo cried. And the collective audience was like, hey, James, don’t put out bad juju and maybe you won’t get eliminated next time!!!

Next time you’re on a national reality dating competition show…

Anyway, next week, it’s the final four: Chase, Jordan, Luke, and Robby.

Hometowns, here we come.

Catch The Bachelorette on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Jul 12, 2016 10:16am PDT

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