Bernie Sanders Supporters Plan To Stage ‘Fart-In’ Protest Against Hillary Clinton At The Democratic National Convention! See Their Smelly Plan!

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That’ll show ’em?

Bernie Sanders supporters aren’t thrilled with how the primary election came out — and they plan on making quite the stink about it!

According to reports, the Vermont Senator’s convention delegates are holding a “fart-in” at the upcoming Democratic National Convention to protest the nomination of Hillary Clinton!

Despite Sanders officially endorsing Clinton on Tuesday, supporters plan on eating as many beans as they can before entering the convention hall and ripping out an odorous message to the Democratic Party!

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While this idea sounds like it came from a high schooler with irritable bowel syndrome, inspiration for the protest apparently came from community organizing theorist Saul Alinsky — who decades ago proposed a fart-in protest in Rochester, New York.

Protest organizer Cheri Honkala, national coordinator for the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, said boxes of dry beans have been shipped to the organization’s office in Philadelphia in preparation for the protest.

Speaking to U.S. News, she said “those beans will probably quadruple” in the wake of Sanders’ endorsement, adding:

“It shows the level of absolute disgust that we’re at ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ we think we’re going to remember 2016 as the year we begin to bury the two corporate political parties.”

We don’t know if they’ll get buried, but they’ll definitely need to do a lot of Febrezing!

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Dr. Walter Tsou, who works at the Philadelphia branch of Physicians for Social Responsibility, says the fart-in has more of a poetic meaning, noting:

“The fart-in is to raise attention about things that really stink in our society.”

Really, Democrats? Where are the adults in this election??

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

Jul 13, 2016 5:12pm PDT

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