Cemetery Begs Gamers To Stop Playing Pok├â┬⌐mon Go On Top Of Rosa Parks’ Grave

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This seems like a pretty reasonable request to us.

As you’ve surely noticed by now, most of today’s youths have found themselves completely wrapped up in the world of Pok├â┬⌐mon.

Pok├â┬⌐mon Go has only been out for a week, and it’s already become one of the most popular apps on social media — it even has more active users than Tinder and Twitter on Android right now!

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But unfortunately, with great power comes great responsibility… and it seems as though some Pok├â┬⌐mon trainers aren’t being respectful of where they’re playing.

According to a TMZ report out Wednesday, Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit is currently begging players to keep away from their grounds… because people have reportedly been playing the game on top of Rosa Parks‘ grave!

Apparently, Nintendo inexplicably made one of their designated PokéStops on top of a mausoleum, and while this has brought more people to the cemetery, it also means an increase in inappropriate behavior from kids and adults like.

We know you gotta catch ’em all… but please be considerate of your surroundings.

[Image via Nintendo.]

Jul 13, 2016 10:58am PDT

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