33 People Hospitalized After Getting ‘Zombied Out’ On Bad Batch Of Synthetic Weed! Get The Scary Deets!

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Talk about killer bud!

Over 30 people were sickened on the streets of New York City from an apparent mass drug overdose from the synthetic marijuana known as K2.

Police received calls on Tuesday morning of multiple people who appeared to be overdosing in a Brooklyn neighborhood.

Witnesses reported victims lying on the sidewalk, shaking, and leaning against fire hydrants, making the street look like a scene from The Walking Dead — except with stoners instead of zombies. (Please make that movie happen, Seth Rogen!)

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According to reports, the drug has been infesting the collection of Brooklyn neighborhoods, with K2 enthusiasts often seen meandering around the area, passed out on the ground, and even wandering into traffic.

The area has been described as the “epicenter” of the K2 outbreak in NYC — and a bad batch of the synthetic weed was reportedly responsible for Tuesday’s mass overdose.

Brooklyn resident Brian Arthur told reporters the reefer madness was “horrible” to watch, explaining:

“It was like a scene out of The Walking Dead. They were zombied out…They were laid out twitching on the floor. Some of them were motionless. This is nothing you’d want your kids to see.”

While K2 affects the same area of the brain as regular marijuana, it also contains laboratory-made chemicals that are sprayed onto the dry leaves, which don’t come from the cannabis plant.

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After experiencing hallucinations, vomiting, urination, and passing out, the 33 users were all hospitalized from suspected K2 use.

In response, the Health Department issued a safety warning about the popular drug, releasing the statement:

“We remind New Yorkers that K2 is extremely dangerous. The city’s public awareness efforts and aggressive enforcement actions over the past year have contributed to a significant decline in ER visits related to K2.”Yikes! We certainly don’t think smoking weed is the worst thing in the world, but people should really be careful about what else they are putitng into their bodies.”

Yikes! We certainly don’t think smoking weed is the worst thing in the world, but clearly people need to be more careful about what they are putitng into their bodies.

[Image via NY Daily News.]

Jul 13, 2016 2:12pm PDT

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