Whoops! Blac Chyna’s Dad Has Racked Up THIRTY Criminal Offenses!

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Eep… Kris Jenner isn’t going to like this one!

According to the Daily Mail, Blac Chyna‘s poppa Eric Holland is a big time criminal who has THIRTY offenses on his record. From battery to break-ins, Mr. Holland is a very experienced felon!

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Per court docs, E.H.’s criminal history began in 1986 when he was arrested for assault and battery. Following the incident, Eric was arrested every few years for various offenses.

To make matters worse, the dad didn’t show up to court multiple times which made him a fugitive of justice more than once.

Oh, and throughout these years of criminality, Holland fathered at least nine kids with multiple women — most of whom went after him for unpaid child support and paternity tests. Let’s just say Maury Povich would have had a FIELD DAY with this guy.

While you can’t blame Blac for Eric’s offenses, the Kardashians are having a hard time accepting this new member of the family into their fold.

A source close to the family explained:

”Blac’s dad seem to have more skeletons in his closet than you can imagine. When Rob first got together with Blac the Kardashians were worried and questioned what kind of girl she was. You can’t judge a daughter by her father, but this isn’t good. The family had started to come round, but this was before they knew what kind of family Rob was getting involved in. Obviously Blac can’t be held responsible for her dad’s actions – but she is still close with all her family – including her dad – and visited them just a few weeks ago. I can’t imagine the Kardashians are going to be inviting her family round for dinner anytime soon.”

Hmm… considering the Kardashians have some ties to crime (O.J. Simpson, anyone?) maybe they can find some compassion for Holland.

Luckily for Eric, he hasn’t gotten in trouble with the law since 2013. The 49-year-old has also said really touching things about his daughter following her engagement to Rob Kardashian, which is a good sign.

As for Holland, he has yet to respond to the article.

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Jul 14, 2016 5:17pm PDT

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