Two Pok├â┬⌐mon Go Players Fall Off 100-Ft. Cliff While Trying To Catch ‘Em All!

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We hope they had some paralyze heals in their pockets!

Pok├â┬⌐mon Go has done an incredible job of getting its millions of players up and out of the house in the week that it’s been out… but there may be negative side effects to some players’ sudden physical fitness.

That’s because two Pok├â┬⌐mon trainers from California reportedly fell off a 100-ft. cliff while playing the game on Wednesday!

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Apparently, the two users — who were both in their early 20s — were playing the Nintendo app in Encinitas near San Diego when they jumped a fence to get to a sandstone bluff in an attempt to catch ’em all… except they lost their footing on the crumbling rock!

According to reports, firefighters found both men unconscious upon arrival, but were able to rescue them and take them to nearby hospitals where they are currently recovering.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Rich Eaton issued a warning to other trainers-in-training following the accident, saying:

“I think people just need to realize this is a game. It’s not worth your life. No game is worth your life.”

It’s unclear which Pok├â┬⌐mon they were trying to catch when they fell… but we have a feeling it was probably just another Sandshrew.

We’re just happy they’re going to live to laugh about this in 20 years — the next person may not be so lucky.

Stay safe out there, everyone!

[Image via Nintendo.]

Jul 14, 2016 5:47pm PDT

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