Donald Trump Already Tried To Get Rid Of His Own VP Choice!

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This is quite the scoop!

Just hours after Donald Trump officially announced that Indiana Governor Mike Pence will be his Vice Presidential running mate for the November election, we’re learning that… he already regrets picking Pence?!?!?!

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This morning, of course, the presumptive GOP nominee, tweeted out the news confirming he had picked Pence in lieu of a press conference:

A social conservative and staunch right-winger, Pence is probably a safe choice — he is mainstream enough to get the rest of the Republican Party behind Trump, and well-liked enough by conservatives to give The Donald a little credibility.

But… as it turns out, Trump doesn’t like to play it safe. (Who knew?! Ha!!)

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The real estate mogul apparently had some VERY serious second thoughts about Pence even just hours before he made the eventual announcement this morning!!

CNN‘s Dana Bash with the scoop (below):

Uh… WHAT?!

First off, since when does The Donald ask aides if he can “get out” of something?! Isn’t The Donald, like, totally in charge and able to fire people??

Wait, is this the real reason he said on Thursday night that he wasn’t announcing his running mate today? And NOT because of the Bastille Day Attack like he said??

Just hours before the announcement — not even afterwards — and Trump is already getting cold feet over the whole thing?!

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This does not bode well for the campaign, if The Donald’s done that much second-guessing about the pick already.

Wow. Just… WOW.

This particular Twitter response to Bash’s news, reflecting the current state of Trump’s campaign, seems particularly appropriate here:


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And all the while, Hillary Clinton is probably sitting back getting ready for November like:

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Where do U think the Trump campaign goes from here?!

New VP? Act like nothing happened and push through??

Let us know in the comments (below)!!

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

Jul 15, 2016 5:22pm PDT

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