McDonald’s Limiting WiFi To Protect Customers From Porn?!

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Who knew “lovin’ it” was such a problem at McDonald’s?!

The company has now officially made the move to block customers from viewing porn on their free Wi-Fi in restaurants, partnering with an internet safety advocacy group to shut down the smut!

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Companies like Panera Bread, Subway, and Chick-Fil-A have already worked with the group Enough Is Enough to drop the ban hammer on in-store customers trying to view porn on their Wi-Fi signals, and McD’s has now seen fit to join the tide.

Donna Rice Hughes, Enough Is Enough’s CEO, said of the fast food joint’s decision (below):

“We discovered that corporate America is not aware of how some people use their free Wi-Fi.”

Uh… really?! It’s that much of a problem??

Mickey D’s apparently thought it was, opting to place a filter on their Wi-Fi to shut down whatever it is people are doing while they eat their Big Macs…

Some corporations still don’t filter their Wi-FI at all — Starbucks is a notable exception — and according to Rice Hughes, at least, that has been a problem for customers and staff alike in the past:

“I’ve asked Starbucks employees whether they’ve had problems with customers in stores watching porn, and they’ve said, yes, that they sometimes have to tap customers on the shoulder.”


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All that porno-creepin’ and shoulder-tapping won’t be happening at McDonald’s restaurants any more, though!

We had no clue that such a rash of porno-viewing was affecting McD’s establishments so badly, but, uh… good work by the golden arches to change things up?!

Now you’ll have to get your super-sized smut elsewhere! Ha!!

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Jul 15, 2016 2:07pm PDT

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