Watch Justin Bieber Blast A Fan Mid-Concert For Throwing A Gift On Stage: ‘I Probably Don’t Want That Sh*t’

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What is it with Justin Bieber being mean to his fans?!

The singer went OFF on a fan on Saturday night at a concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and there’s video to prove it!

A poor fan was trying to throw a hat that they had made onto the stage as a gift for the Biebs, but he was NOT feeling it, and he called out the gift-giving fan in front of the entire arena. What???

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The singer, on his Purpose world tour, immediately realized that, yeah, maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing to do… but the damage was done.

Ch-ch-check out him swearing at the fan for wanting to give him a hat (below)!!!

What?! Why?? Justin!!!

Almost immediately, he backed off what he said, trying to smooth things over by claiming he was “in the zone” and that’s why he went off on this poor fan (below):

And then he started to argue that the whole thing was just a ruined moment, before moving back into a performance (below):


Looks like Justin still needs to do quite a bit of growing up, no??

[Image via ABC.]

Jul 17, 2016 11:07am PST

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