North West — Who Is Three Years Old — Is Already Preparing For The Olympics, According To Kanye!

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Sounds like North West has some pretty high expectations to meet!

Any time you have a child, you think everything that kid does is just the cutest thing in the world. (Well, until their teen years! Ha!!)

And for Kanye West, that’s no different… it’s just taken to the extreme.

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On Saturday, Kim Kardashian West revealed to reporters that North — who, remember, is just three years old — is getting a lot of attention from dad in all the best (and slightly not so realistic!) ways:

“If you ask Kanye, everything is like super genius level. North takes a swim lesson and he says she’s going to be in the Olympics. So it depends on who you ask.”


Kim has a better idea of what’s really going on, though:

“You always think that your kid does everything so amazing and cute. She painted me a princess today. I think as a mom you think everything your kid does is cute.”

So true!!!

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And cute — or Olympic — North exhibits qualities of both Mom and Dad already, which is probably a good thing:

“I think North is a little bit of both, like exactly half and half. I mean it’s still early to tell with Saint. I think he has my calmness, but I think he has Kanye’s determination. [Saint] just wants to walk. He doesn’t want to crawl.”

Too cute!!

And of course you can’t talk to Kim without talking business, but she served up the perfect easer on an upcoming project that’s leaving us guessing about what may or may not be going on in that world (below):

“What is next for me? So many things I feel like I can’t talk about. There’s a project that Kanye and I are working on together that I’m really excited about. We obviously get each other’s opinions all the time, but there’s a project that we’re working on. I feel like it’s a year of new beginnings and really fun, exciting things about to happen.”


What do U think of that new secret project?! And most importantly — when will we see North in the Olympics?? Ha!!

[Image via Instagram.]

Jul 17, 2016 6:26pm PDT

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