Chaos Erupted Almost Immediately At The Republican National Convention As Delegates Tried Hard To Get Rid Of Donald Trump!

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It took all of three hours before chaos absolutely consumed the Republic National Convention — and the consequences are bad for those anti-Donald Trump members of the party.

On Monday afternoon, a large faction of strongly anti-Trump convention delegates, led by Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh, demanded the party hold a roll call vote about whether to approve the party’s 2016 rules — in effect, the way the party was going to hold its convention.

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The anti-Trump delegates, who filed the proper petition and had delegate majorities from nine states (more than the required seven) to do so, wanted to hold the roll call vote to hopefully reject the convention’s rules — and to ultimately reject The Donald.

Had they been successful, it would have boiled down to this: rejecting the party’s rules platform would have made it so these delegates would not have been bound to the results of their state primaries — many of which went in Trump’s favor — and would have allowed the delegates to vote with their conscience rather than strictly on primary lines.

Many of the delegates would have voted AGAINST The Donald, and Trump would have possibly lost the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States!

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Things got controversial when convention leaders appeared to ignore the delegates’ petition, and instead opted to steamroll right through things by passing the rules with a voice vote.

The “aye” votes called out on the floor appeared to be louder than the “nay” votes, and the chair, Arkansas Rep. Steve Womack, slammed the gavel down, passing the rules and locking out the “Never Trump” movement from actually stopping the candidate.

Watch that moment (below):

Chaos ensued immediately after the gavel slammed; Unruh and the Colorado delegation, as well as the Iowa delegation, walked out of the convention altogether.

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As chants of “record the vote,” for those anti-Trumpers, and “U-S-A,” for the pro-Trump crowd, reigned supreme across the hall, the convention chair again walked up to the podium and, amazingly, called for a second vote.

The second vote, by voice, sounded far more even than the first, but Womack again ruled in favor of the “aye” crowd, meaning the rules passed (again), and the Never Trump movement — now down Colorado and Iowa — were shut out again (below):

Furthermore, remember those nine states of anti-Trump delegates mentioned regarding that first petition (above)?

The convention chair revealed at the second vote that three of those nine states had backed off the second petition, meaning the remaining six states were one short of the necessary requirement to actually promote the petition on the floor.


For Trump’s part, he hasn’t yet commented on the convention chaos, but he has commented on… CNN???

The real estate mogul-turned-presidential candidate tweeted (below):

Which network uses the tagline “fair and exciting” again?

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So what’s the bottom line here? Well, the Never Trump movement of Republicans now looks to be dead.

Barring something really crazy from happening in the next few days, The Donald will almost certainly be the Republican Party’s nominee for President.

Get ready, y’all. It’s on.

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There’s a scary side note to all this: Trump’s motorcade was involved in a car accident in New York on Monday afternoon.

While on the way to take him to the airport for his flight to the convention in Cleveland, Trump’s motorcade was involved in what’s being reported as a “motor vehicle incident,” according to CNN.

Sounds like nobody is injured, though, and it appears Trump and his family are already en route to Cleveland for the week.

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Jul 18, 2016 6:20pm PDT

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