This Is The Reason Kim Kardashian Risked Legal Action & Leaked Taylor Swift’s Convo With Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian isn't here for Taylor Swift or her response.

Did you expect anything else??

Kim Kardashian West previously came to her husband Kanye West‘s defense in regards to the drama surrounding Taylor Swift and his Famous lyrics with her GQ interview.

And on Sunday night, she did so again by leaking the secretly recorded convo between the two artists, leaving the songstress out to dry.

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According to People, a source dished:

“Kim is super loyal to Kanye and will always do anything to have his back. She is even more protective of him than she is of herself. She thinks he’s misunderstood and couldn’t stand that people thought he was a liar.”

As we already reported, Taylor threatened Ye with legal action for recording their phone exchange, and since Kim made it public, she could definitely be facing a lawsuit!

SO, how’s that for loyal??

The same source even continued of Kimmy’s decision to post it on Snapchat, saying:

“The whole family will rally and go after anyone who comes at one of their own … it’s just how they always have been. Even with Lamar [Odom] and Scott [Disick] and all their drama, they still defend them publicly.”

And another insider dished:

“She was tired of Taylor being portrayed as this angel. She’s fake. She said one thing when the song came out and now she’s saying another. She painted Kanye as this monster. He was actually trying to do the right thing for once when he called her.”

Sounds like Kim was set on calling her out!

The Blank Space singer’s reaction didn’t help matters either. A source shared with E! that the 35-year-old thought her response to being called a “b*tch” in the song was “so stupid,” elaborating:

“She says the word ‘b*tch’ bothered her but on the Grammys stage she never mentioned that. She said, ‘Don’t ever let anyone say they made you famous.'”

Do U think Kim has a point??

And are U taking sides?

Jul 18, 2016 12:28pm PDT

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