Bad Blood Music Video Director Just Compared Kim Kardashian Exposing Taylor Swift To Nicole Brown Simpson’s Murder…



Stars have been picking sides after Kim Kardashian West exposed that Taylor Swift actually approved Kanye West‘s Famous lyric about the two hitmakers having sex.

We weren’t really surprised to learn that Joseph Kahn, the director behind the pop princess’ music videos for Bad Blood, Blank Space, Out Of The Woods, and more, had taken the singer’s side.

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The filmmaker made it clear he was #TeamTaylor on Sunday, when he posted on Twitter:

And on Monday, he continued the conversation by writing:

However, the director took things a tad too far, because he went ahead and compared Kim’s Snapchat exposure to Nicole Brown Simpson‘s murder!

He wrote:

Here, Joseph is obviously referencing the fact that the Kardashians were really close with O.J. Simpson, who is believed to have tragically taken his ex’s life even though he was ultimately acquitted of the crime.

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And as much as we still love Taylor, we think it was kind of inappropriate for Mr. Kahn to compare being caught in a lie with being brutally murdered.

But, it doesn’t look like the director feels that way, because he added:


What do you think about Joseph’s tweets?

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Jul 18, 2016 8:27pm PDT

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