So Gorgeous Yet So Ridiculous… Antonio Sabato, Jr. Gives RNC Speech, Says He ‘Absolutely’ Still Thinks Obama Is A Muslim!

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This is so absurd!!

Antonio Sabato, Jr. — male model and star of soap operas and low budget action movies — believes, despite all indications to the contrary, that President Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Sabato told that — and more — to reporters just hours after giving a speech on Monday at the Republican National Convention.

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The actor, who supports Donald Trump in this year’s presidential election, didn’t hold back in criticizing the President for being anti-Christian, saying to the media he “absolutely” felt the American president is a Muslim:

“We had a Muslim president for seven and half years. I don’t believe the guy is a Christian. I don’t believe he follows the God that I love and the Jesus that I love.”

Uh… what?!

Sabato, Jr. also believes that Hillary Clinton “left our soldiers to die,” in reference to the Benghazi terror attacks of 2012, and he wasn’t done going after Obama for being what he believes is un-American:

“I believe that he’s on the other side├óΓé¼┬ªthe Middle East. He’s with the bad guys.”


In perhaps an incredible twist of irony, Sabato himself is an immigrant, so you might assume that

(a) he’d be more sympathetic to outsiders in America, and/or that

(b) he’d be anti-Trump

But, well… we said he was incredibly good-looking, right?

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Funnily enough, his speech at the RNC was actually pretty decent! It was just afterwards that he went off the rails accusing President Obama of being a secret Muslim.

You can watch his whole speech (below):

See?! Not a bad speech! Hmm, we wonder if this was actually a Michelle Obama speech too…

[Image via ABC.]

Jul 19, 2016 6:18pm PDT

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