Brandy Trapped In Her Recording Contract — See Why Her Lawyer Says She’s ‘Kesha… Without The Sex’!

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Poor Brandy!

The singer has filed a lawsuit seeking to cut ties with Chameleon Entertainment, a record label that she claims has mishandled her so badly, it’s threatening her entire career!

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The former Moesha star and recording artist claims in the lawsuit, according to docs obtained by TMZ, that the record label has jerked her around for the last five years, promising “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in production costs to make her albums and then… never following up.

In addition, the label keeps threatening Brandy, trying to pressure her into giving up her non-recording gigs, like concerts and Broadway shows, to focus entirely on the music… that they refuse to produce.

The label has even gone so far as to try to prevent her from recording and releasing new music, which, obviously, would land her career in pretty hot water if she’s held down much longer.

The whole situation between Brandy and Chameleon Entertainment has gotten so testy that in the lawsuit, the performer’s lawyer notes:

“Brandy Norwood’s story is ‘Kesha Redux, but without the sex.”

Whoa!!! Maybe let’s not go that far…

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Regardless, this is now the second lawsuit of its type Brandy has filed; in March, she filed a similar on in El Lay, and now this one, in New York.

And the bottom line is this: Brandy either wants her freedom from the company, or the money she was promised to actually, you know, record music.

What do U think — can Brandy salvage her career and get past this speed bump?!

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Jul 19, 2016 12:56pm PDT

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