‘Hate Cops?’ Billboard Taken Down & Replaced Within Hours — See What Sparked The Controversy!

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Uhm, okay?

It’s a very trying time in our country, with anger over unpunished police brutality boiling over to the point some misguided citizens are killing cops.

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Well for some reason, amid all the tension across the nation, someone in Muncie, Indiana thought it would be a good idea to post a billboard with the insensitive message:

“Hate cops? The next time you need help call a crackhead.”

The billboard only remained up just a few hours on Saturday after local Megan Thomas noticed it around 1pm and posted a picture of it on Facebook, saying:

“Please tell me Muncie tax dollars didn’t pay for this! Sign @ Wheeling/Riverside owned by ‘HOMETOWN OUTDOOR ADVERTISING, INC.’
(765) 288-9000 / (765) 722-0878 Email: [email protected] http://hometownoutdoor.com/ This outrageously offensive and covertly racist sign says “HATE COPS? The next time you need help CALL A CRACKHEAD.” We have no local in-patient addiction treatment center, yet we have money for this?”

What makes this sign even more disgusting is that it seemingly went up right before a demonstration against police brutality that was happening just a couple blocks away!

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Chris Johnson, the general manager of Muncie Liquors, originally heard about the sign when a clark at the Wheeling location called him about someone who came in to complain about it. Though Muncie Liquors doesn’t own or ever operate the sign, as they only rent space for it in the parking lot, Johnson called the billboard company to notify them of the complaints. Thankfully the company said it would be taken down immediately and replaced with something else.

It only took a few hours for the billboard to change to the much less inflammatory:

“Love, Respect, Support Law Enforcement.”

Not surprisingly, Chris was very concerned about the online backlash he might receive for people who might think the billboard belonged to the store saying:

“This is not us, this is not our mentality, this is not how we feel.”

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any answers as to who came up with or funded the sign, but we’re just happy it’s taken care of!

What do you think of the offensive message?!

[Image via Facebook.]

Jul 19, 2016 3:45pm PDT

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