Mila Kunis Revisits The First Time She Had A Sexy Sleepover With Husband Ashton Kutcher — Listen!

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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have one of the best love stories EVER!

While it took Mila and Ashton a decade of friendship and life lessons to finally hook up, it was well worth the wait! Miz Kunis dished on the couple’s adorable road to romance and first night of sexy times in a candid interview with Howard Stern this past Tuesday.

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In the convo, the actress revealed that after years of keeping up via instant messenger (R.I.P AIM), they didn’t really connect until the beauty spotted Kutcher at an award show looking SMOKING. We guess attraction can grow over time!

Following the encounter, the actor invited M.K. to his housewarming party — let’s just say things really sped up AND heated up from there!

Listen to the momma’s retelling of the duo’s first night of passion (below)!

Ha! It’s really sweet how these two “played out” their own movies — real life rom coms are the best.

Considering Mila and Ashton just celebrated their first wedding anniversary and are expecting baby #2, it’s clear things couldn’t be better between the couple. It’s to see in light of all the breakups this past year!

So, what do YOU think Kunis’ anecdote?

[Image via Instagram.]

Jul 19, 2016 3:15pm PDT

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