QBs, L-Words, & Ex Drama Make The Bachelorette Hometown Dates Confusing! Find Out Why JoJo Has NO Idea Who To Eliminate HERE!

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Last night was arguably the best ep yet of this season of The Bachelorette; JoJo Fletcher is down to her final four men, and it’s hometown visit time!!!

The drama was thick, too, with an epic airplane hangar meltdown AND a devious ex-girlfriend plotting away against one of the guys. To the recap!

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It all started out in Castle Rock, Colorado, where Chase took JoJo to meet his family and see his hometown. Castle Rock is pretty, and also pretty suburban-boring, which is, like, PERFECT for Chase and makes a ton of sense about why he is the way he is! Ha!!

Chase’s big story is the broken home from which he comes; mom and dad went through a REALLY nasty divorce a few years back, and because of it, Chase is super walled-off emotionally, which will no doubt impact how he sees JoJo (and how she sees him!).

But, as to be expected at this time of the show, Chase dropped THE word on JoJo last night, saying:

“I’m falling in love with you.”

Yeah, that’s cute and all, but get in line!!!

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From Castle Rock to Chico, JoJo’s next stop was this little norther California town to meet Jordan‘s family… without the big draw, Jordan’s brother Aaron.

Aaron is, of course, Aaron Rodgers — the Green Bay Packers‘ football quarterback who just so happens to be dating Olivia Munn — and so JoJo seems really interested in him and his relationship with little bro Jordan…

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But not because of the fame aspect, right? Just because she, like, totally wants the brothers to have a good relationship moving forward… right?! Uh…

Anyways, Jordan took JoJo to his old high school and they did the whole reminiscing about the past thing, after which they came home to Jordan’s family and… pretty much talked about Aaron the entire time.

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But the weird thing is, while everybody would talk about it the entire meeting, nobody was really saying anything!

The most we got was from one of Jordan’s other brothers, who cryptically said to JoJo:

“It’s something we don’t, like, really like to talk about a whole lot. We are trusting that God brings things full circle.”

Uh… ok?!

JoJo herself brushed off that whole Aaron-Jordan connection, saying about her pick:

“He is nobody’s brother. He is a man that I am falling in love with, and I am crazy about.”

But JoJo… it’s Olivia Munn we’re talking about here!!

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Two down, two to go — and Robby‘s hometown was full of all KINDS of drama!

The former competitive swimmer brought JoJo back to his hometown of Jacksonville, going on an AH-Mazing carriage ride in nearby Saint Augustine and having a wonderful all-around date together before heading to meet the ‘rents.

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And for a while, the meeting with the fam was going great!

…Right up until Robby’s mom told him that his ex-girlfriend’s roommate had been spreading rumors that he broke up with the poor girl specifically to go on the show.


Robby went right to JoJo to clear it up, telling her:

“My relationship with Hope, who is my ex, was over nine months before it actually ended. ├óΓé¼┬ª We had a blow-out fight, and she slapped me. Haven’t talked since then. The relationship is over, and I will never speak to her again, period.”

Hmmm… JoJo seemed to buy that, for now at least, and it appears things have been smoothed over, but is Robby carrying baggage?!

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Finally, there was Luke.

Luke — like Jordan, one of the show’s wire-to-wire frontrunners — might have done enough to get himself kicked out on the final rose ceremony, if only because, out of all the guys remaining on the show, he’s the only one not to have dropped the L-bomb on Miz Fletcher!

He took her home to Texas for a wonderful one-on-one date and a sweet family meeting for a barbecue, but he just never quite popped those three important little words:

“Let’s be FAMOUS.”

Flash forward to rose ceremony time and a BIG ball dropped — JoJo revealed to cameras before the ceremony began that she was going to send home Luke and cut it down to three. Except, just as she got up to do the ceremony in the airplane hangar with the four men, Luke called her aside for a meeting!

At the meeting, he poured his guts out, dropping the L-word, telling her about his feelings, doing everything he should have done back in Texas.

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But… it might have saved him.

Instead of handing out roses, JoJo crumbled to the ground in the middle of the airplane hangar, bawling her eyes out and completely unsure of who to pick and who to eliminate.

To be continued…

What’d U think of last night’s episode of The Bachelorette?!

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Jul 19, 2016 10:30am PST

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