Crystal Hefner Reveals She Removed Her Breast Implants After They ‘Slowly Poisoned’ Her!

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This is so scary.

On Tuesday, Crystal Hefner took to Facebook to open up about how she had to get her breast implants removed when they started to slowly poison her. WHAT??

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In her lengthy post, Miz Hefner shared that she first noticed something wasn’t right when she experienced various aches and fatigue a few years ago. Unfortunately, these mild symptoms soon escalated as she began to suffer from:

“…intolerance to foods and beverages, unexplained back pain, constant neck and shoulder pain, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, memory loss), stunted hair growth, incapacitating fatigue, burning bladder pain, low immunity, recurring infections and problems with my thyroid and adrenals.”

Shockingly, the Playmate turned DJ initially ignored the symptoms and labeled herself a “hypochondriac.” How sad!

She continued:

“I ignored it, labeling myself a hypochondriac, despite truly worrying that there was something wrong with me. I joked about losing my memory to age, and about getting ‘lazy’. I began to cancel appointments and shoots because everything exhausted me.”

Poor thing. Eventually, Hugh Hefner‘s wife’s condition worsened as she became severely allergic to many foods and was bedridden. At one point, Crystal was also diagnosed with Lyme disease. After researching her own symptoms, The Girls Next Door alum was directed to a condition known as breast implant illness.

The Playboy vet explained that as breast implants deteriorate over time they can potentially cause havoc inside the body. Whoa.

Thankfully, once Crystal had her implants removed, most of her symptoms vanished. The 30-year-old concluded:

“Instantly I noticed my neck and shoulder pain was gone and I could breathe much better. I know I won’t feel 100 percent overnight. My implants took eight years to make me this sick, so I know it will take time to feel better. I also have other illnesses to address, but with the toxic bags removed, my immune system can focus on what it needs to.”

We’re so happy Crystal is now on the mend! Be sure to ch-ch-check out Hefner’s full letter for yourself HERE!

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Jul 20, 2016 9:23am PDT

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