Donald Trump Advisor Says Hillary Clinton ‘Should Be Shot’

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If you thought Donald Trump‘s campaign couldn’t get more despicable, it just did in a MAJOR way.

In an interview with the Daily Beast on Wednesday, New Hampshire state representative — and Trump’s advisor on veteran affairs — Al Baldasaro made what some consider a threat of violence against Hillary Clinton for her alleged role in Benghazi.

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Baldasaro went so far to declare the former Secretary of State should be “shot for treason”, a claim which followed up similarly violent remarks Baldasaro made to the Jeff Kuhner Show on Tuesday.

Speaking to the publication on his radical and disgusting views, Al explained:

“Anyone that commits treason should be shot. I believe Hillary Clinton committed treason. She put people in danger. When people take confidential material off a server, you’re sharing information with the enemy. That’s treason.”

Wow. What a heinous and ridiculous comment.

Unfortunately, the disturbing remark follows DAYS of Hillary bashing at the Republican National Convention currently taking place in Cleveland, Ohio. Just last night, former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson claimed that the democrat liked “Lucifer” while Charles In Charge star Scott Baio essentially referred to her as a c*nt on social media.

While Trump’s campaign has yet to speak out on the threat, the Secret Service revealed to the Daily Beast that they intend to investigate this situation fully:

“The U.S. Secret Service is aware of this matter and will conduct the appropriate investigation.”

What a relief. We hope the appropriate parties handles this matter as soon as possible.

As for the public’s reaction, many veterans have already begun to denounce Al on Twitter:

Yes! It’s nice to see these brave people standing up to the hate!

Oh, and if you can stomach it… the rep’s initial threats against Hillary can be heard (below):


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Jul 20, 2016 5:54pm PDT

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