This Twitter Love Story Will Melt Your Heart & Give You Hope!

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What an amazing love story!

In your latest dose of aww-worthy news, book nerd Victoria Carlin just wed the man of her dreams after tweeting her local bookstore’s official Twitter account three years ago. Little did Victoria know at the time that the man running the account, Jonathan O’Brien, would eventually be her husband.

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Here’s how the Twitter fairytale all went down — Ms. Carlin first tweeted Waterstones bookshop in London in November 2012 after becoming smitten with the store’s funny and intelligent tweets. After a little too much “prosecco,” Victoria messaged Waterstones that she was in love with whoever was running the account.

Recalling the first tweet that started it all, Victoria explained to People Magazine:

“I think it was probably wine that inspired that. Maybe prosecco. I genuinely didn’t think [anyone] would read it. I didn’t know at that stage who ran the account, if it was a person, team or an agency, so I didn’t really think about it properly ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ I’m glad I didn’t!”

Ha! Who ever said drinking and tweeting was a bad idea?!

Check out the original tweet (below)!

Awww. SO cute.

As for Jonathan, he was used to random fans trying to get his attention and he wasn’t initially impressed with V.C.’s advances:

“I used to get a fair few marriage proposals or declarations of love and, treating the entire thing weirdly professionally for a man in his mid-20s getting propositioned regularly, I used to have a series of stock responses ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ ‘Sorry, I am already married to the books’ ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ that sort of thing.”

Wow… O’Brien must have been one hell of a writer!

Cut to a few months later when Carlin noticed that Jonathan had tweeted about his love for a certain brand of donuts. Luckily for the pair, Vic knew were a donut shop was and raced to his work with a box of fresh treats:

“I had a spare few hours, I knew where the donut store was, so I grabbed a box and stormed to the bookstore. I ran upstairs, waited in line and presented the box to a very shocked Jonathan, all the adrenaline fell out of me and I mumbled, ‘Errr, here you go…’ Then pretty much ran away!”

Following the unexpected gesture, Mr. O’Brien messaged her with thanks and then invited her out to lunch. Let’s just say their first date went REALLY well!

Even though Victoria expected the romance to be brief considering they both had just gotten out of relationships, it didn’t end up that way:

“I was due to go work in Australia for quite awhile and didn’t expect to stay in touch. While I was out there, I caught pneumonia and ended up in the hospital, I think I started to realize something was a bit special by the way he reassured me. He was just amazing. Even after three years, we still text each other throughout the day and try to find time to talk briefly during our lunch breaks.”

Obviously, the pair’s connection turned into a proposal and now the two are MARRIED:

Woah! This is the stuff that dreams are made of!

Congrats you two!

[Image via Facebook.]

Jul 20, 2016 6:32pm PDT

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