Bill O’Reilly Blasts Montel Williams For Walking Off His Show Over ‘Some Gay Thing’ — But Montel’s Response Is FIRE!

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Tensions are high at the Republican National Convention!

Most of the attention during the third night of the Cleveland convention was directed toward Ted Cruz‘s refusal to endorse Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly‘s bare shoulders, but apparently drama was going down in every corner!

Specifically the corner of Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who called Montel Williams “cowardly” for walking off his show over “some gay thing”!!!

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During his live broadcast on Wednesday, the O’Reilly blasted the TV personality for ditching his interview, barking:

“He will never be never be on this program again. He’s not a man of his word, he’s unprofessional. That is about as low as it gets.”

So what actually happened? Williams explained his side of the story with CNN, claiming that Fox News is the “unprofessional” party.

According to Williams, he was told by O’Reilly’s camp that his interview would focus on a speech he gave about LGBT rights, along with a recent poll suggesting President Obama is a racist.

But when Williams arrived at the Fox News booth, he said he was told the segment about his LGBT speech was scrapped and the interview would only be about the poll — which he planned on arguing against.

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He explained:

“Suddenly [Fox News host] Eric Bolling is involved and it’s all about Obama being a racist. I walked before air, they chased me halfway around the building. My detail had to stop them. I’m solely focused on my [LGBT] speech. When that was eliminated, why stay?”

Shortly after, the 60-year-old took to Twitter to reiterate the story, this time calling O’Reilly out for being the coward in the situation!

He ended his passionate response by saying that he doesn’t care if he’s ever on O’Reilly’s show again. Ouch!

Ch-ch-check out the clips (below) to hear O’Reilly go after Williams — and see Montel hit right back!

[Image via Dan Jackman/Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

Jul 21, 2016 2:47pm PST

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