Police Union President Defends Shooting By Saying Officer Was Actually Trying To Shoot The Autistic Patient, Not His Therapist…

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Don’t worry, they’re not racist… just horrifically incompetent?

In what’s just the latest case of Police brutality in America, a 47-year-old black behavioral therapist was shot in North Miami on Monday while trying to protect his mentally challenged patient.

As we previously reported, the 23-year-old with autism had wandered away from his group home, but was found playing with a white toy car in the middle of a street by his caretaker Charles Kinsey.

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Unfortunately, Police stumbled upon the pair while responding to a call about an armed man threatening to commit suicide, and proceeded to shoot Charles despite his many attempts to resolve the non-issue non-violently, which included him LAYING DOWN ON THE STREET WITH HIS ARMS UP!

However, Florida authorities are here to clear this whole mess up… because it turns out they didn’t mean to shoot Charles in the leg — they were actually aiming for his patient instead!!!

Now that the story has gained national media attention three days after it actually occurred, the North Miami Police Department FINALLY held a press conference on Thursday where Miami-Dade police union president John Rivera tried to defend the trigger-happy cops, saying:

“The one officer discharged his firearm trying to strike the individual that they thought was trying to bring harm onto Mr. Kinsey. This is not a case of police brutality. This is not one of those cases where it’s a rogue cop. This is not a case other than an officer who was trying to save the life of Mr. Kinsey and feels horrible that his aim missed and struck Mr. Kinsey.”

So shooting at a person with mental disabilities is better?! While he was playing with a toy??

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NOPE!!! Still the literal definition of police brutality — but at least he “feels horrible” for almost killing an innocent man…

Luckily, Charles’ attorney Hilton Napoleon II isn’t about to let the authorities get away with their speedy cover-up settlement, saying:

“There has been a discussion of a potential settlement. They want to resolve it relatively fast in good faith to let the community know that they take these things seriously, but I’m not at liberty to discuss the terms of the settlement or what we think a potential settlement will be at this point.”

If they took this seriously… the officer responsible would be facing charges, or at the very least out of a job already.

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Also, we’re no longer “just glad” that neither man died… we want to actually see some justice this time!

Do U think the racist and/or ableist and/or terrifyingly incompetent and dangerous officer(s) deserve to lose their jobs over this??

[Image via ABC10.]

Jul 21, 2016 6:07pm PDT

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