Did Disney Shut Down Ben Higgins’ Political Hopes By Threatening His Marriage?!

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This is getting good!!

As we have been reporting, The Bachelor‘s Ben Higgins filed papers on Thursday to run for a local congressional seat in the state of Colorado as a Republican.

And then, Friday morning, news broke that he was postponing that run due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

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Well, now we may know exactly what those “unforeseen circumstances” are: Disney! That’s right, ABC‘s parent company!

Word is Disney execs weren’t to keen on their vanilla, bland, popular-and-totally-not-threatening Bachelor star wading into the muddy world of politics, and in turn, hurting their popular TV show’s brand!

According to tweets from Denver journalist Joe St. George, who’s been covering Higgins’ aborted political run, sources say that Disney threatened Higgins with a LOT of trouble if he went through with the campaign (below):

Whoa! Not the marriage!!!

That’s a pretty serious set of threats levied at the poor guy for wanting to be a politician!

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But if it’s true, it makes sense that Disney doesn’t want The Bachelor ruined by the controversial, tacky world of politics.

What do YOU think those “unforeseen circumstances” were with Higgins’ candidacy?! Was he railroaded into quitting??

Let us know in the comments (below)!

Jul 22, 2016 5:30pm PST

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