Hillary Clinton Wants You To Trump Yourself With Hilarious New Donald Trump Insult-Generating App!

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From Rosie O’Donnell to Ted Cruz‘s wife — dozens of high profile targets have been on the receiving end of Donald Trump‘s insults over the years.

Now thanks to a new app from Hillary Clinton‘s campaign, anyone can get insulted by the Republican presidential nominee!

On Thursday, the Democratic presumptive nominee launched a new Facebook app called Trump Yourself, which allows users to superimpose insults the candidate has hurled at people over the years on their profile pictures.

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Featuring old Trump jems like “Fat Pig!” (Trump’s reference to O’Donnell in 2009), “Hater and Loser,” and even “Donald Trump doesn’t think I should be able to get married” — in reference to LGBT rights!

Hillary’s team didn’t hold back introducing the app on Twitter, sharing:


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Right after its launch — which was ahead of the candidate’s speech during the final night of the Republican National Convention — Trump Yourself started trending on Twitter, and according to Clinton’s campaign team, crashed the site from the heavy traffic.

Obviously the app isn’t popular with everyone. Many blasted the social insult generator as a form of schoolgirl bullying — which is of course what the app is trying to call out the other candidate for!

Some people just don’t get irony…

Do YOU think Trump Yourself is a clever anti-Trump tactic or is it stooping to his level?

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Jul 22, 2016 10:17am PDT

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