Jon Gosselin Reveals Whether Or Not He’ll Ever Marry Again!

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Jon Gosselin is still SO scarred from his explosive marriage to Kate Gosselin!

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, the former reality TV star revealed whether or not he’ll ever get married again. Considering he has been dating girlfriend Colleen Conrad for about a year now, the tidbit of info couldn’t have come at a more poignant time.

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While the poppa has made some peace with his failed union with Kate (at least they’re not calling the police on each other anymore), he still isn’t so sure about walking down the aisle again. Apparently the DJ doesn’t see the “point”.

Speaking on his wishy-washy marriage stance, J.G. confided:

“I don’t think there is a point in being married. I mean, I might be spiritually, but there really isn’t a point. Our kids are grown now. I don’t know, I have mixed emotions about marriage. I do.”

Well, Jon and Jennifer seem to have a very AMAZING and solid relationship. The couple don’t need rings to make it official!

Despite Gosselin’s reluctance to tie the knot a second time, he has nothing but love and admiration for Colleen:

“She’s been so supportive of me. She basically straightened my life out and got me stable and focusing on work. The only thing I do now is DJ. I’m 39, I won’t do that forever.”

Aww! It sounds like the Pennsylvania resident has his priorities in order.

Unfortunately for Jon, the only thing not going well in his life right now is his fractured relationship with Kate:

“Things are still sh*tty. Nothing new. I’ve almost been divorced as long as I was married. I’m not trying to stop the shows she’s doing now. Have I done anything to stop what she’s doing? No.”

Hmm… can’t say we’re surprised. Hopefully the dad isn’t letting his negative experience with his ex color his future marriage prospects.

So, do YOU think Jon will get hitched again?

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Jul 22, 2016 5:04pm PDT

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