Shailene Woodley Had NO IDEA The Final Divergent Would Be A TV Movie — Will She Even Be Back For Ascendant??

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This week, Divergent fans were shocked to learn that the fourth film in the YA action franchise wouldn’t be released in theaters — and apparently, so was the lead actress!

Shailene Woodley, who stars as Tris in the dystopian series, told reporters at San Diego Comic-Con that she was just as surprised when Lionsgate announced that Ascendant would debut on the small screen.

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While promoting her upcoming drama Snowden on Thursday, the actress revealed she was the last to know about the news because she was traveling at the time.

She said:

“Honestly, I was on a plane when all that happened, and I landed, and I’m like, ├óΓé¼╦£Whoa, what’s going on?'”

Ascendant was originally slated for a June 2017 theatrical release, but will instead be released as a TV movie in hopes of launching an episodic spin off series.

A big reason for the small screen shakeup is due to the poor performance of the series’ third film Allegiant, which bombed at the box office and was a disappointment to fans and critics.

The fact that fans were annoyed that the studio decided to split the final book in the trilogy into two films didn’t help either…

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Lionsgate has yet to announce which of the cast members would appear in Ascendant, with even Woodley’s return still up in the air! When asked about whether she would return as Tris, the actress said:

“I need to talk and find out what the details are.”

Yikes! We wonder if Miles Teller, Theo James, and Zoe Kravitz are this out of the loop, too?

Will YOU watch Ascendant on the small screen?

[Image via Lionsgate.]

Jul 22, 2016 11:52am PDT

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