Olympian Jason Lee Was Kidnapped Just Days Before The Games — By Men Dressed As Rio Police!

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This is so scary!!

The Olympics are set to begin in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in just a few days, and athletes from all around the world are hoping to win gold for their country, and glory in their sport.

But New Zealand native Jason Lee will likely just feel lucky to be involved after a close call with men dressed as police officers in the city!

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The jiu-jitsu athlete, who makes his home elsewhere in Brazil, tweeted a scary message on Sunday, confirming that he was held for ransom by an unidentified group of men who had pulled over his car under the pretenses of searching it as officers.

Lee tweeted (below):


There’s obviously more to the story, and Lee shared it with reporters. First he was stopped under suspicious circumstances; he recounted:

“[The officer] says ‘you can’t drive in Brazil as a foreigner without a passport,’ which I now know isn’t the case at all. The rental car company hadn’t mentioned that to me. He starts opening the book, showing me all these passages in Portuguese, which I can sort of read like every third word.”

That hard-sell negotiation intimidated Lee, and the alleged officers demanded that he pay them 2,000 Brazilian Reals (about $600 USD) or they would take him to the federal police.

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Lee didn’t have access to that cash, so they took him to an ATM before forcing him to drive down underneath an overpass and get in the unmarked car of one of the “officers.”

Lee explained:

“These guys have pulled me over, they have weapons. I’m not in any position to negotiate.”

After they had gotten the money they wanted from him, they released him, informing the athlete that he better not report the matter to police.

Lee did anyway — and received a cryptic, scary message from the cops he told of the incident:

“‘I was umming and ahhing about whether I should even make a complaint. One of the guys I was reporting it to said ‘we understand you are hesitant, because we are the Police, and that branch of the Police is so scary even we are afraid of them.'”


Obviously, we are just glad Lee is safe.

Nobody should have to go through that, especially in such a way when their life goals are just days away from potentially being realized!

What’s going to happen NEXT in the #ScariestOlympicsEver??

[Image via Jason Lee/Instagram.]

Jul 25, 2016 4:38pm PST

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