Justin Timberlake Got Smacked In The Face By A Fan At A Golf Tournament!


Justin Timberlake is used to getting a crazy amount of love from his fans… but a smack in the face?! That’s a new one.

On Saturday, JT was walking through the crowd at the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am in Lake Tahoe when a fan reached out and hit him in the face!

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Based on the video obtained by TMZ, it didn’t really look like a super serious slap, but it was still enough to get the pop star riled up!

The 35-year-old turned around and yelled:

“Why would you do that?”

After the incident, the slapper was filmed talking to security, and it seemed like the whole thing was going to blow over.

The tournament viewed the smack as just a minor incident, and the songsmith had no desire to press charges — especially since he was totally fine.

However, the man refused the leave when the Sheriff’s deputies tried to remove him from the golf course. Instead, he insisted that he only wanted to “touch” the famous father, but just got too excited in the moment.

Law enforcement sources say the suspect seemed to be under the influence of alcohol, and started to get aggressive. So, the police arrested him for disorderly conduct.

We’re just glad Justin’s okay!

[Image via Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/WENN.]

Jul 25, 2016 9:58pm PDT

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