Sources Close To Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Reveal If They’re On The Brink of Splitting!

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Man, we have such a headache from all the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna drama!

Following Rob’s sassy decision to delete all of his pics, a source has come forward to speak out on the couple’s relationship status. Are these two headed for splitsville or WHAT?!

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According to a confidante, the two got into a MAJOR fight this past weekend while filming their new reality show for E!. The couple have been shooting and low-key promoting their series for months now.

While it’s not clear exactly what the fight was about, insiders admit this has caused a rough patch for the lovebirds. It also doesn’t help that Kardashian has a tendency to overreact when it comes to his paramours.

The friend confided to People Magazine:

“They filmed over the weekend and had an argument. Rob tends to blow up and react very fast. … They have rushed their relationship so much.”

Yikes! This isn’t a good look for the expecting parents… the duo need to be solid as possible for this bundle of joy!

Speaking of the new addition, it appears the baby is the one thing keeping Rob and Blac from a breakup:

“They are both very excited about the baby. It’s hard to see Rob and Chyna actually splitting. Rob is looking forward to becoming a dad. It would take a lot for him to break up with her.”

Hmm… very interesting.

Adding more fuel to the no breakup scenario is Chyna’s relaxed attitude in her recent Snapchats. Girl looked cool as a cucumber as her MUA performed a makeup tutorial for fans earlier this afternoon. Hopefully this means the reality stars worked it out!

So, do YOU think the pair’s romance will last in the long run?

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Jul 25, 2016 5:09pm PDT

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