Democrats Make History By Officially Naming Hillary Clinton Their Presidential Nominee As Bernie Sanders Moves To Nominate His Opponent!

Congratulations, Hillary!

History has been made!

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton was officially named the Democratic candidate in this year’s election! The former First Lady is the first female to be named the presidential nominee of a major party!

During the roll call at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, the politician received more than the 2,382 votes needed to become the the nominee.

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The final necessary numbers for the 68-year-old came in as South Dakota cast their votes between the fierce female and Bernie Sanders.

Vermont passed their turn in the roll call, in order to reveal their votes last and let Hillary’s opponent speak as the count ends.

The Green Mountain State senator took the moment to nominate Miz Clinton in a show of unity, saying:

“I move that Hillary Clinton be selected as the Democratic nominee.”

So, after a voice vote, the party officially nominated Hillary Clinton! But before the ayes had it, Hill had racked up 2,842 votes, while Bernie trailed with 1,865.

Bill Clinton‘s wife will accept the nomination in her speech on Thursday!

Congratulations, Hillary!

[Image via Johnny Lewis/WENN.]

Jul 26, 2016 7:05pm PDT

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