Taylor Swift’s Concert Crasher Sentenced To A Mental Hospital — Get The Deets!

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Back in September, Taylor Swift had a bit of a scary moment during a concert at Petco Park in San Diego, CA when superfan Christian Ewing tried to make his way on stage!

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The young man had apparently attempted to sneak into the arena a few times and had been given the boot before attempting to get past security and rush the blonde beauty while she was performing!

Luckily, Ewing was stopped and ended up facing charges that included assault with force, battery with serious injury, a misdemeanor for giving a false name, and a violation for sneaking into the concert. Whoa.

Though the concert goer could have faced up to five years, the San Diego D.A. decided to send Christian to the Patton State Hospital for three years instead!

Apparently, the judge ruled that the crazed man was incompetent to stand trial and as a result, he will spend three years in the facility where he will also be administered medication involuntarily, if necessary.

The real bad news for Mr. Ewing is that if it’s ever ruled that he’s competent, he will face two felony charges for the fight, assault, and battery.

Of course it’s sad that this has to happen to anyone, but we’re just glad that Swift is safe, and hopefully this means there’s one less dangerous person out there.

Now TayTay can get back to all the rest of her other drama

[Image via ABC/WENN.]

Jul 26, 2016 7:42am PDT

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