The Bachelorette Had Two Thai Dream Dates & One Fantasy Suite Nightmare — Get The Recap To Find Out JoJo’s Final TWO!

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We are getting right down to it on The Bachelorette!

On Monday night’s episode, JoJo Fletcher and her top three guys set off for Thailand — well, you know, after they finished last week’s rose ceremony first!

If you remember from last week, Luke made a last-minute love declaration for JoJo, saying he was the man of her dreams and yadda, yadda, yadda… but it didn’t work!!

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Despite all that emotion that capped last episode, JoJo got strong and gave the final rose to Chase, meaning Luke’s love was all for naught, and she has now officially picked her final three: Chase, Jordan, and Robby.

Days later in southeast Asia, the makeout marathon all started with JoJo and Robby on their one-on-one date — going to a Thai market, getting massages, and, of course, making out.

The two discussed Robby’s controversial ex a little bit at dinner, but it was really pretty smooth sailing for the guy, and he was clearly looking ahead to the fantasy suite (below):

“Now I don’t have to dream about JoJo. I get to dream with JoJo.”

Uh… sure. It’s one small step for man…

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Jordan’s one-on-one came next, and if you haven’t realized he’s the wire-to-wire frontrunner all season long, um, what show have you been watching?!

The pair did a steep, challenging hike together even going so far as to enter a temple where there is no kissing allowed, and while the pair actually didn’t kiss (thanks for respecting the monuments, y’all!), they DID talk about JoJo’s family a bunch. (Get ready for THAT, Jordan.)

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The fantasy suite followed with Mr. Rodgers, and in what was perhaps the highlight of his date, we got to look at his abs when the cameras came in the next morning.

Hey, at least that’s something!

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Two dates down… one disaster to go…

JoJo and Chase’s date started at the water, literally kissing dead fish (?!) before the pair made out with each other on a Thai boat ride, and then at the beach, and then everywhere else. (There was a lot of kissing, OK?!)

Bizarrely, in the downtime between JoJo’s daytime and dinner time dates with Chase, Robby paid her a visit, and told her — again — that he loved her and he was ready to propose. OK, pal, we get it.

It threw JoJo off a little bit, and it definitely through Chase off, because he told JoJo at dinner that he felt like she was further along in her relationships with Robby and Jordan than with him.

He’s not wrong…

In the hopes of speeding things up, Chase was lucky to get an invite into the fantasy suite where… the wheels fell off the whole damn thing.

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Pretty much instantly once inside the suite, JoJo FINALLY realized what we’ve known all along: she’s just not that into the poor guy.

She told him as much, and Chase was predictably sad, angry, ALL the emotions:

“So now love equals ‘Get the f*ck out?'”

Fair point, but it’s not going to help out the poor guy right now.

JoJo dumped him, then cried, then asked to remain friends (nah, but thank you), and Chase rode away summing up the experience perfectly:

“It’s like I pulled my pants down and you kick me in the nuts.”

Actually it’s more like you pulled your pants down, and girl said nope, never mind, bye. Which is actually more painful.

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From there, the rose ceremony should be a piece of cake, right?! Robby and Jordan to the finals??

Well… yes. But… no.

Chase showed up again (a Bachelorette cast-off back from the dead!!) and proceeded to pull JoJo aside for a moment. But stunningly, he simply did it to tell her how sorry he was for his behavior the previous night.

Maybe it’s just because he’s a good guy, or maybe it’s because, you know, he wants to be the next Bachelor, but regardless, he came away looking the bigger man.

More importantly, we’ve got our final two! And… it’s pretty much the two you thought it would be all along!!

Before we get to the Jordan vs. Robby showdown on the finale, though — which, BTW, JoJo is still totally in love with both of them — we have Men Tell All!

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Chad will be back, along with Daniel, and this thing is gonna get crazy!!!

Watch The Bachelorette: Men Tell All tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET — and then catch the FINALE next Monday, also at 8:00 p.m. ET, and also on ABC!

Who do you think JoJo will pick?! Will the men reveal anything crazy tonight on the special??

Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via JoJo Fletcher/Instagram.]

Jul 26, 2016 10:20am PDT

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