Kaavan The Elephant Is Finally Free After 30 YEARS In Chains!

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Look how happy he is simply to be swimming around!

If you’ve never heard of Kaavan the Elephant, then you’re probably blissfully unaware that the 32-year-old Asian elephant has spent nearly all of the past 30 years locked in chains at the Murghazar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Animal rights activists only just started fighting for Kaavan’s freedom in 2015 after an American tourist in Pakistan learned about his captivity… but we’re happy to say he’ll no longer be living in pain.

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That’s because it was announced on Monday that the Pakistani Senate has ruled in favor of the Help Welfare Organization that the Capital Development Authority who house him must release the animal to a sanctuary to live out his remaining years with other elephants!

Kaavan’s chains were initially removed in September of 2015 when tourist Samar Khan first started the petition, and she spoke to The Dodo about the AH-Mazing news on Monday, saying:

“It’s been a year of struggle but we have finally had success. The chairman of the Pakistani Senate has decreed that Kaavan must be transferred to sanctuary! I can’t believe it! I wrote Kaavan’s petition nearly a year ago with the hopes of just getting Kaavan’s story out there. I didn’t know what to expect. I’m so grateful to our Free Kaavan team for working so hard, together we were able to accomplish what many told us was impossible.”

The CDA now has two months to select a sanctuary for Kaavan… and we cannot wait to see his face when he finally gets to interact with his own kind!

Following a year of particularly difficult cases regarding animal cruelty in zoos, we’re excited to see that some creatures are still getting their happy endings.

Perhaps Kaavan’s crusaders can set their sights on Sea World next??

[Image via Help Welfare Organization/Facebook.]

Jul 26, 2016 11:09am PDT

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