Bachelorette Villain Chad Johnson Causes Chaos On The Men Tell All Special — Only To Be Put In His Place By JoJo Herself!

chad johnson men tell all

The Bachelorette‘s Chad Johnson is the ridiculous gift that keeps on giving!

On Tuesday, the ABC hit’s Men Tell All special debuted and certainly did NOT disappoint.

However, the credit for most of the entertainment factor should probably go to this season’s villain as he acted EXACTLY as he did during his time on season 12 — by picking fights with everyone and anyone. Oh man!

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While Chad wasn’t initially among the crowd of castoffs, Chris Harrison eventually brought out the highly controversial contestant for his own segment on the special. The most entertaining part of the sit-down probably came when Johnson was asked about his relationships with the ex-girlfriends of rivals Robby Hayes and Grant Kemp.

As you may know, Chad recently flaunted on Instagram that he was spending time with Hope Higginbotham and Jen Green after they were scorned by Robby and Grant, respectively. LOLz!

When asked if the new romantic flings were meant to anger his former rivals, the milk-loving celeb explained:

“I wanted to show them that we’re not all bad guys, just because we’re on the show.”

Sure, whatever you say! Nonetheless, Chad also added he’s “absolutely” still in contact with the two ladies. He continued:

“I mean, I’m not like planning on getting married to them within three weeks or something like that, but we talk. All I can say is that they are both beautiful women. They both really are absolutely amazing girls, and I just didn’t like the fact that some guys had screwed them over.”

Is anyone buying this? Besides Hope and Jen, obvi…

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At least one former contestant didn’t appreciate Chad’s digs as Nick Benvenutti (AKA Saint Nick) stood up to try and fight the controversial star. Thankfully, Johnson said what everyone else was thinking as he snapped:

“Are you just trying to get airtime right now? Think about your thoughts before you say them.”

HIGHlarious! When asked about his antics on the show, the breakout personality stood by his wacky behavior and noted he doesn’t regret “99 percent of the things that happened.” Although, we doubt his late mother would’ve found his aggressive ways as funny as he believes.

In regards to threatening Jordan Rodgers, Chad relayed:

“I thought that would make him be quiet. It didn’t work. Sometimes you choose apples when you should have chose pickles. I messed up.”

Unfortunately, Chad couldn’t contain his nastiness when he finally confronted JoJo Fletcher. Not only did he take swipes at her remaining suitors Robby and Jordan, but he sarcastically expressed:

“I do wish you the best of luck in your relationship endeavors.”

However, the Bachelorette starlet was having NONE of Chad’s sass as she clapped back:

“Oh, I could go off right now. [But] it’s not even worth my time. Because he loves this. This is what he wants. He loves the attention and we’re giving it to him, so he’s not even worth my breath.”

Well said, girl!

jojo fletcher slams chad johnson

JoJo even had some final words for her ex-gentlemen callers. She concluded:

“I’m so thankful and grateful that all of you have treated me with such respect, outside of Chad. Even just after saying goodbye you guys have all been just upstanding men.”

But hey, at least Chad was entertaining

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Jul 27, 2016 9:31am PDT

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