Bill O’Reilly Defends Slavery Following Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech, Says White House Slaves ‘Were Well-Fed & Had Decent Lodgings’

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Oh really, O’Reilly?

FOX News may brag about their fair and balanced reporting all the time… but does that mean giving equal consideration to SLAVERY??

We’re saddened yet not surprised that Bill O’Reilly seriously just tried to defend slavery on his news show!

Apparently, The O’Reilly Factor pundit took issue with Michelle Obama‘s heartfelt speech about slaves working on the White House at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday.

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While the First Lady was simply trying to connect to the Black Lives Matter movement through her own personal history with the landmark… Bill didn’t love that she tried to paint our racist forefathers in a negative light.

Although he admitted that Michelle was “essentially correct” in saying that slaves helped with the building process… he made sure to let his viewers know that they “were well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government” the entire time.

We guess those perks more than make up for the hundreds of years of forced labor and murder, right Bill??

Ch-ch-check out FOX News’ latest political controversy (below)!!!

[Image via FOX News.]

Jul 27, 2016 1:22pm PST

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