Olympic Athletes ‘Will Literally Be Swimming In Human Crap’ In Rio Thanks To Terrible Water Conditions!

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And you thought the double toilets at the Sochi winter games were bad!

Athletes have been training for months to take home the gold at the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but those competing in water-based games need to watch out for some serious sh*t!

Health experts in Brazil advised competing marathon swimmers, sailors, and windsurfers to keep their mouths closed when in Rio waters — because they are completely contaminated with raw sewage!

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Environmentalists and scientists say that Rio de Janeiro’s Guanabara Bay and picturesque ocean beaches are much more contaminated than previously thought.

Tests performed by government and independent scientists revealed the city’s waters contained a number of rotaviruses that can cause diarrhea and vomiting — and even a drug-resistant “superbacteria” that can be fatal to people with weakened immune systems.

Dr. Daniel Becker, a local pediatrician who works in poverty-stricken neighborhoods, explained:

“Foreign athletes will literally be swimming in human crap, and they risk getting sick from all those microorganisms. It’s sad but also worrisome.”

Some athletes that have been in Rio practicing for the Games have already been sidelined by gastrointestinal illness, including members of the Spanish and Austrian sailing teams.

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Afrodite Zegers, a member of the Dutch sailing team, explained the team has to “keep our mouths closed when the water sprays up” while practicing in Guanabara Bay.

Hopefully, these conditions for athletes will act as a wakeup call to Rio’s government to start making their waters safer for citizens.

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Jul 27, 2016 12:58pm PDT

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