Sarah Silverman’s Twitter Was Hacked Shortly After Her DNC Speech!

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Poor Sarah Silverman!

After the comedian’s high profile appearance at the Democratic National Convention on Monday night, she had to wake up Tuesday to a hacked Twitter account!

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According to Mashable, someone sent a now deleted tweet from Sarah’s account that read:

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The message claims to be from the hacker group Anonymous; however, the video they linked to is a few months old and there hasn’t been any confirmation.

Though we don’t know why the 45-year-old was targeted, it might have to do with the fact that the funny woman, once a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter, shifted her stance in order to unify the party and backed Clinton at the DNC.

Not only that, but the I Smile Back star told the “Bernie or Bust” supporters to cut it out!

Thankfully, Silverman was on the ball pretty quick as she noticed the strange activity, deleted the tweet, and tweeted out:

We’re not sure if we’ll ever learn the true origin of the hack, but we’re just glad Sarah has control again!

Do you think the Twitter takeover was REALLY done by Anonymous?!

[Image via YouTube.]

Jul 27, 2016 3:32pm PDT

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