Bradley Cooper Went To The DNC & Republican American Sniper Fans Went Nuts On Twitter!

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Most reasonable adults have no problem with the notion that actors can be very different from the characters they play — then again, we did say reasonable

Bradley Cooper showed up at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday with equally insanely good-looking girlfriend Irina Shayk.

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Not too surprising, given his high-profile status as a Democrat; he donated money to Hillary Clinton‘s campaign back in 2008 and was the reason Zach Galifianakis was able to get President Barack Obama on his fake talk show Between Two Ferns.

But since playing Republican icon Chris Kyle in American Sniper, the talented actor has attracted a whole new group of fans that didn’t take too kindly to his DNC appearance.

A few conservatives even announced they would be boycotting the star’s films, writing:

Fellow Democrat and Frozen star Josh Gad had the best response to the backlash, tweeting:

Ha! Of course, to us it just makes him even sexier…

Are there any stars whose politics YOU can’t stand??

[Image via C-SPAN/Warner Bros..]

Jul 28, 2016 12:40pm PDT

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