Lindsay Lohan’s Father ‘Heartbroken’ Over ‘Frantic’ Daughter Following Alleged Altercation With Fianc├â┬⌐!

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It’s safe to say that Lindsay Lohan and fianc├â┬⌐ Egor Tarabasov have a bit of a strained relationship at the moment after the Mean Girls star accused her man of cheating!

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Well after things blew up to where cops were called, Egor moved out and those pregnancy rumors were seemingly confirmed by the red head’s dad, Michael Lohan. We’ve got more news on the Hurricane Lindsay Lohans as Michael opened up to PEOPLE about the alleged abuse saying:

“I’m heartbroken for her. She was on the phone with me when she was going through it. She was frantic, she was in a bad position and I wanted to get her to a safe place and get her help.”

The actress’ father continued by talking a bit about the difficulties of trying to help his daughter:

“The hardest part, the most frustrating part is not being able to be there. Thank god she has a great support system and she was able to get out of there.”

As for what Michael thought of Tarabasov when they met, well he said:

“He was a gentlemen, I thought he was good for her. He didn’t drink or show any signs of instability. I don’t know where it turned but maybe he put on his best face for me when he met me.”

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The 30-year-old’s daddy also opened up about his daughter being preggers — despite a close friend of Lindsay’s telling PEOPLE otherwise — and possibly calling off her engagement:

“She texted me and said [she was pregnant]. I’m going to believe what she says. I don’t think she’d be that quick to call it off, especially if she was pregnant.”

The proud papa even opened up about keeping in contact with his daughter saying:

“I just texted her today and said ‘How are you sweetheart’ and she said ‘I’m okay Dad.’ She needs time for herself right now. I spoke to her a number of times and not once over all those days I’ve spoken to her did she ever sound like she was drinking and incoherent in any way. I’m really proud she didn’t take that course.”

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But where is Linds now?!

Well another source opened up to the publication saying:

“She is still upset about what transpired between her and Egor. She is taking a few days off to spend time with friends and let things cool off between the two of them.”

The good news is the insider said the couple could get back together and:

“Ultimately, she hopes with time they can move on and move forward again. She recognizes the good place they were in for much of the last year and just wants to get back there again. They are still engaged and only time will tell what happens next.”

Regardless of what happens, we just hope that everyone can end up happy and healthy!

Do you think Lindsay and Egor might reunite?!

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Jul 28, 2016 8:19am PDT

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