How Does Lil Wayne Feel About Hillary Clinton Using His Lyrics In Her Nomination Acceptance Speech? See His NSFW Answer!

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What a world we live in!

Last night, Hillary Clinton made unforgettable history as she became the first woman to officially accept a major political party’s presidential nomination!

And during her speech, which celebs all around the country praised, a cool little thing happened!

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At one point in the 50-minute speech, the presidential candidate went and made quite the pop culture reference, appearing to allude to Lil Wayne‘s work on his No Ceilings mixtape by saying this (below):

Astute observers pointed out that those words, of course, appear in Weezy’s track The Sky’s The Limit!

Predictably, social media went crazy with the reference, with all sorts of people tweeting their reactions to it (below)!

But by far, the best reaction was definitely Lil Wayne himself!

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TMZ caught up with the rapper late Thursday night, and even though he hadn’t seen the speech itself, he had heard about the reference — and he was really excited!

When asked what he thought about Clinton, the rapper said (below):

“I f*cks with Hilllary.”

LOLz! Preach, Weezy!!

Absolutely loving this story! Making a great pop culture reference is WAY better than plagiarizing a speech!!

[Image via Johnny Louis/WENN.]

Jul 29, 2016 1:40pm PDT

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