JonBen├â┬⌐t Ramsey’s Brother To Reveal ‘Never Before Heard’ Details About Her Infamous Murder To Dr. Phil — Get The Details Here

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This will no doubt be shocking — and likely to recapture the attention of the nation.

As we near the 20th anniversary of JonBen├â┬⌐t Ramsey‘s shocking death, the young murder victim’s older brother Burke is set to reveal “shocking, never-before-heard” details about the murder in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil McGraw.

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As first reported by the Daily Mail, Burke, who is now 29, is set to break the silence in a three-part interview with Dr. Phil which will air beginning September 12.

Of course, the young man — who was just nine years old when the murder occurred in December 1996 in the family’s Boulder, Colorado home — was sleeping just one bedroom away from JonBen├â┬⌐t when she was abducted.

For years, the children’s parents Patsy and John were primary suspects in the unsolved murder case, before being finally, fully cleared in 2008.

For a while Burke, too, was a person of interest in the case considering he had been in the home, but Patsy and John were adamant that he was not involved and had been sleeping the entire time — and in May 1999, he was fully exonerated by DNA evidence.

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Regardless, this three-part interview will be a BIG deal, as we’ll finally get an even closer perspective than ever before…

There are no shortage of somewhat plausible murder suspect theories as well as wacky conspiracy theories surrounding this case.

Perhaps some new information might shed light on the killer, and thus, achieve justice for JonBenét.

Will you be tuning in for the first of three parts on September 12?!

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Aug 1, 2016 11:22am PDT

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