Female Judge Horrified As Jailers Allegedly Refuse Pants & Feminine Hygiene Products To Inmate — ‘Am I In The Twilight Zone?’

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Outrageous, indeed!

This past Friday, a judge in Kentucky railed against Metro Corrections for its “outrageous” treatment of an inmate arrested for failing to complete a shoplifting diversion program.

According to a local news station, judge Amber Wolf was HORRIFIED upon seeing the inmate in question standing in her court room with what appeared to be no pants. Officials later discovered the perp was wearing very short shorts underneath a long t-shirt.

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To make matters even worse, the inmate also alleged she was refused hygiene and feminine products during her three day stay. It’s a pretty appalling claim considering all inmates are given a standard jail jumpsuit in addition to basic necessities upon arrival.

Unable to contain her horror, the honorable Judge Wolf quipped:

“Excuse me? This is outrageous. Is this for real? Am I in the Twilight Zone?”

Once her honor was able to get over the initial shock, she whipped out her cellphone to call Metro Corrections director Mark Bolton to ask why there was a defendant standing in front of her with “no pants on”.

While Amber was on the phone with Mark, she pleaded for bystanders in the court room to find “anything” to cover the inmate with, begging:

“I don’t care what it is.”

Yikes! Everything about this situation sounds SO uncomfortable!

As for why the inmate ended up improperly dressed to begin with, jail officials told WDRB it’s not uncommon for inmates to wear the clothes they had on at the time they were arrested, an unofficial protocol which lasts for about 72 hours.

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Despite the lame excuse, one official admitted:

“Dressed like she was, she should have been changed into a jumpsuit. I gotta look into why she wasn’t.”

Yep, we definitely agree with that statement!

Luckily for the inmate, the judge was more than apologetic to her plight, stating:

“This is not normal. I’ve never seen it happen. … This is completely inhumane and unacceptable. I’m sorry you had to go through this.”

Well, at least Amber is compassionate. It’s clear we need more humanity in our justice system, stat!

You can watch the insane moment go down in full (below)!

Aug 1, 2016 5:52pm PDT

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