Did Someone Crash Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 On Purpose?! See Why An Expert Says There’s ‘Definite Evidence’!

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It’s been over two years since Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 went down over the Indian Ocean resulting in the airline announcing they’re certain beyond a reasonable doubt that all 239 passengers are dead.

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Despite the tragic news, the case still isn’t closed as one expert believes a certain piece of evidence points to the theory that the plane was brought down on purpose!

Air crash investigator Larry Vance fully believes that a rogue pilot was the one who brought the plane down as he told 60 Minutes on Sunday:

“Somebody was flying the airplane into the water.”

Though some believed the plane was not under human control when it went down after veering off course and heading south, Vance believes he’s got the real answer.

The crash expert explained that a small section of the wing called the flaperon was found about a year ago off the coast of Madagascar, and the expert believes this is “definite evidence” someone was piloting at the time — because extension can only be done by an actual person!

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The expert also pointed out that if the landing was controlled, this could explain the lack of floating debris search crews have been able to find.

When asked about the possibility of this theory, Australian Transport Safety Bureau crash investigator Peter Foley agreed it was possible the plane was in a “deployed state” saying:

“There is a possibility there was someone in control at the end and we’re actively looking for evidence to support that.”

As for helping to prove this theory, the French are currently in possession of the flaperon a year after it was found and Malaysian investigators still haven’t been able to take possession of it.

There’s more than just one piece of debris that helps support this idea though as it was recently revealed that the captain of the plane’s flight simulator showed that he plotted a similar route into the southern Indian Ocean only a month before the crash! YIKES!

Will we ever learn the full truth??

Aug 1, 2016 11:37am PST

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