Australian Olympic Team Robbed In Olympic Village — During A Fire! But Shockingly, Neither Is The Worst Part!!

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Looks like things are going from bad to worse in Rio!

The Australian team already hasn’t had a great experience with the Olympics after they refused to move into their building expressing concerns of “blocked toilets, leaking pipes, and exposed wiring.”

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Well over the weekend, the Aussie’s fears seemingly came true as they were victims of theft after they had to evacuate their rooms due to a fire. On top of that, the athletes say fire alarms were deactivated!

Apparently, two laptops along with a slew of team shirts were taken from from the team’s living quarters Friday night after a fire was started in the basement!

The source of the fire was traced to a cigarette that wasn’t put out and carelessly tossed away. About 100 members of the Australian team and staff exited the building for about 30 minutes before returning to find their stuff was gone!

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Australian Olympic Committee spokesman Mike Tancred addressed the thefts saying:

“We did lose some shirts and a couple of laptops, one on the fifth floor from a cycling official and one in the office downstairs.”

Obviously the thefts are a big deal, but the Australians are much more upset over the fire alarms being allegedly deactivated as they claim one of their athletes, Warren Potent, slept through the fire and wasn’t woken up by knocks at the door!

Australian chef de mission Kitty Chiller talked about the team’s outrage, saying:

“Obviously that is completely unacceptable that a) the fire alarm was disabled and b) that if it had to be, that we weren’t warned about that.”

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Ridiculously, the team had to take matters into their own hands as they’ve now elected fire wardens for each of the 18 floors of the building they’re saying in.

Eduardo Paes, the mayor of Rio, had previously tried to make light of the team’s worries by telling Olympic athletes that they might be more comfortable if he installed a kangaroo. Luckily, the competitors took the joke in stride and played along by giving Paes a toy kangaroo. LOLz!

We’re not sure how Rio is going to try and make up for the most recent scandal, but we’re definitely interested to see if they can make everyone happy!

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Aug 1, 2016 2:46pm PDT

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