Military Mom Booed At Mike Pence Event For Questioning Donald Trump’s Support Of The Armed Forces

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Donald Trump fans need a MAJOR refresher on respect.

At a campaign event in Nevada on Monday hosted by VP pick Mike Pence, a woman who referred to herself as a “military mom” was booed when she dared to question Donald’s recent controversies with the U.S. armed forces.

The gross moment comes on the heels of Trump’s offensive comments towards the Gold Heart Khan family, a move which has been denounced by Democrats AND Republicans.

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While the poor mom’s question refrained from using derogatory or inflammatory language, people in the audience jeered at her when she asked Mike how he could stand by the businessman when he himself has a son serving in the military. It’s clear the woman was genuinely confused by the presidential hopeful’s antics and wanted answers from someone who could be our next president.

Posing the much-needed question towards Mike, the momma asked:

“My name is Catherine and I’m a military mom. My son is currently serving in the U.S. air force…Time and time again, Trump has disrespected our nation’s armed forces and veterans, and his disrespect for Mr. Khan and his family is just an example of that. Will there ever be a point in time when you’re able to look at Trump in the eye, and tell him enough is enough? You have a son in the military, how do you tolerate his disrespect?”

What a well-thought out and reasonable question! We still can’t believe Drumpf went on to attack Khizr Khan and Ghazala Khan for grieving the loss of their son Captain Humayun Khan.

In response to Catherine’s question, Pence chose to stand behind his captor running mate 100%:

“Well I thank you for the question. Folks, that’s what freedom looks like and that’s what freedom sounds like. OK? It is. Let me just say first I want to honor your son’s service to the country and your family’s service to the country, I truly do ma’am. Having spent time with our nominee, I have never been around someone more devoted to the armed forces of this country, more devoted to the families of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guard, and no one more devoted to the veterans in this country. Donald Trump supports our soldiers and supports our veterans like no other leader in my lifetime.”

Given Donald’s recent gaffes and his dodging of the Vietnam War draft (it’s also important to note that none of the mogul’s children have ever served), we’re not sure if Mike’s view of Trump’s “devotion” is accurate.

As for the military mom, you can see her ask her question and later speak out to MSNBC on her experiences at the rally (below)!

So, whose side are YOU on?

[Image via WENN/MSNBC.]

Aug 2, 2016 3:07pm PDT

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