Justin Bieber Handles A Lurking Superfan Himself — Despite His Security Calling The Cops On The Belieber!

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Justin Bieber isn’t such a bad guy.

On Tuesday it was revealed that, despite his security team calling the cops on a fan waiting outside the Sorry singer’s home for 12 hours, the pop star still made the effort to greet the superfan. Aww?

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According to TMZ, on Friday a fan (who had just turned 18 years old) waited in her car outside of Bieber’s home in the hopes of getting a photo-op with the controversial celeb. This obviously made JB’s security detail nervous as they phoned in the situation to the Burbank police. Unfortunately, the cops were unable to remove the youngster as she was legally parked on a public street.

However, when the 22-year-old returned home and learned about the drama from the police, the A-lister decided to deal with the lurking fan himself. Accompanied by the Burbank cops, Justin informed the teenager of his no photo policy and the loyal Belieber was so thrilled with just meeting him that she went on her merry way.

Now the girl didn’t get her pic, but she also didn’t get arrested and we think that’s a HUGE get. Way to handle this situation like a boss, Bieber. *slow claps*!

[Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram.]

Aug 2, 2016 8:31am PDT

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