Miss Teen USA Wants You To Know She’s ‘Embarassed’ About Her Racist Tweets — See If You Buy Her Apology On GMA!

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She’s super sorry, you guys!

Shortly after Karlie Hay was crowned Miss Teen USA on Saturday night, the beauty queen came under fire for offensive tweets from 2013 — where she repeatedly used the N-word so casually, you’d think it was Snoop Dogg‘s social media page.

After the Texas native found herself in the middle of a social media firestorm mere hours after winning the competition, the 18-year-old took to Twitter to explain that the incriminating tweets were “not representative of who I am as a person.”

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Despite the half-hearted apology not cutting it for most fans, the Miss Universe Organization stood by the winner saying they were “committed to supporting her continued growth.”

When Hay stopped by Tuesday’s Good Morning America to offer a real apology, the beauty queen made it clear she has grown from overcoming this “obstacle.” She said:

“I am very sorry. It’s embarrassing. It’s something I’m ashamed of and I’ve grown up from that 15-year-old girl who used that type of language.”

Sure, the blonde beauty looked really sorry, and repeatedly said that no one should “ever use that word, ever.” But based on her impersonal responses, it seemed like she was coughing up some pageant answers and saying exactly what she thought we wanted to hear.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re glad she apologized and hope she really did learn something from all this! We just hope next year, Miss Teen crowns a winner who is a little more socially conscious…

Ch-ch-check out the clip (below) to see if YOU buy Karlie’s apology.

[Image via ABC.]

Aug 2, 2016 10:51am PDT

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